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Full Professor at the University of Milan - ESP


Born in Milan on 8 May 1975, has a 5-year University Degree in Biology and a PhD in Agricultural Ecology. Employed at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) from 2005 to 2008. Leader of the JRC team that developed a new system for rice yield forecasts, operational for Europe since 2006, and successfully tested for China and India during 2008. Coordinator of the interdisciplinary research group that developed the WARM model for rice simulations. WARM is used by the EC for rice yield forecasts in Europe, China and India, and for food security studies in Mali and Burkina Faso. WARM is also used within other international projects (e.g., EU-FP7 projects E-AGRI, MODEXTREME, ERMES, AgMIP network). Developer of new criteria for the evaluation of biophysical models, formalizing for the first time the concepts of model robustness, balance and plasticity, and proposing statistical criteria for their quantification. Developer of a new statistical method for determining the optimal sample size, free from any statistical assumption and particularly suitable for agro-environmental experiments. Designer and constructor of instrumentation for the determination of biophysical variables (e.g., a floating micrometeorological station, a machine for determining the stability of soil aggregates, level sensors). Developer of different framework-independent, multi-approach software libraries for the simulation of biophysical processes included in the BioMA platform, and of apps for smartphone for 3D scanning of canopy architectures, estimating leaf area index and plant nitrogen concentration, and for VR nitrogen fertilization. Coordinator of several national and international projects (e.g., Work Package Leader in the EU-FP7 projects E-AGRI, MODEXTREME, ERMES, and in the FIRST project SCENARICE). World Bank consultant for a project aimed at assessing climate change impacts on land use in Latin America. Assistant Professor at the State University of Milan since 30 December 2008; Associate Professor since March 2015. Full Professor since November 2021. Founder and head of the CASSANDRA lab (Centre for Advanced Simulation Studies AND Researches on Agroecological modelling). Invited Visiting Scientist in Universities and Research Centers in the USA and Asia.

Author of 110 publications on international journals with WoS Impact Factor (30 as first author, 3 as single author, 51 as last author, 54 as corresponding author). h-index = 34 (Scopus).

Inventor of a floating weather station (patent number 0001340669) and of an electronic apparatus for leaf area index estimation (patent number 0001416127).

Awarded as 2012 Outstanding Reviewer by the journal Environmental Modelling & Software.

Included in the World's Top 2% Scientists list by Stanford University (2020, 2021 and 2022 versions of the list based on the scientists' career).

President of the Board of Directors of CASSANDRA TECH s.r.l., an IT company that develops and releases services to support agro-ecosystems management.

President of the Master Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability, University of Milan.




Prof. Roberto Confalonieri, PhD
via Celoria 2, 20133 Milano, Italy

Centre for Advanced Simulation Studies
AND Researches on Agroecological modelling

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