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The download is free and you are not obliged to give me any information before the download... but note that if you send me a mail specifying which software you are going to download, you will give me the possibility to inform you when new versions of the same software will be available.


WARM 1.9.6

Simulation of crop growth and development, floodwater effect on vertical thermal profile, leaves blast effect on crop growth, effect of cold-induced spikelet sterility, hydrology driven floodwater height.
Integrated tools for sensitivity analysis, automatic calibration, model evaluation.
Various options for forcing/resetting the model with exogenous LAI data.

WARM 2.0


The software implements a novel approach for sample size determination (visual jackknife; Confalonieri, R., 2004. A jackknife-derived visual approach for sample size determination. Italian Journal of Agrometeorology, 1, 9-13.). The visual jackknife, based on re-sampling procedures, overcomes the typical limitations of conventional methods, requiring data-matching statistical assumptions.



COM Dynamic Link Library implementing the micrometeorological model TRIS [Confalonieri, R., Mariani, L., Bocchi, S., 2005. Analysis and modelling of water and near water temperatures in flooded rice (Oryza sativa L.). Ecological Modelling, 183, 269-280]. The chm file includes the model documentation and examples of code to use the DLL.



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